Sunday, February 8, 2015

Pau Part 2

I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!  As I've shared, pau was one of my favorite things.  I ate it almost every morning for breakfast, to the point that my fellow kindergarten teachers got concerned that I ate it so much.  My love of pau was kind of a joke around school.  These little steamed buns can be filled with anything.  My favorite ones were sweet, filled with red bean paste.  So today, I set out for the second time to recreate my favorite morning/anytime Malaysian treat.

I owe it all to 2 things/people:
1. A kitchen scale.  After last time's fiasco, I went out to Target and got an inexpensive kitchen scale (literally for the sole purpose of making pau).  I realized that 500 grams of flour was not what my googling converted it to in cups.
2. My pal, David.  David is the one who gave me this recipe in the first place and has offered advice as I navigate the really confusing world of pau.

And this time, it worked!

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