Thursday, January 8, 2015

Pau Part 1

Pau was my jam in Malaysia.  Never could a bad day not be turned around with this little piece of steamed bun heaven.  My morning routine almost always involved stopping by Lotus Restaurant on the corner of my street and the main road on my morning walk to school.  1 red bean pau cost me RM1.07, I believe.  The best .30 US I think I have ever spent.  Lotus caught a lot of my business this past year.  I bought pau in the mornings and dumplings in the evenings... talk about delicious.  But I'm getting ahead of myself.
If there is one food that is very clearly missing in my life these days, it is pau.  So, I sent my friend David a message on Whatsapp asking him for a pau recipe.  He responded with one and gave me lots of pointers.  David literally always knows the answers to my questions and it rocks.  Today, I set out on an adventure to the Asian market and asked for pau flour.  I got a huge bag along with a can of red bean paste and could not wait to get home and get to work.
I've been making some purchases recently, including this bamboo steamer and those bowls.  And those are two of my cookbooks that made the long journey around the world.  Seriously, how can you not love Asia??  If for nothing else, all the cool cooking equipment. 
So I got to work.  However, I quickly realized that this was not going to end well for 2 reasons: 1. The recipe is in grams and I do not have a kitchen scale... yet. 2. It called for caster sugar.  No idea what that was, but regular sugar will work just fine, right??  I got all my dry ingredients into the mixing bowl, using approximate conversions from grams to cups.
I started mixing and poured in the water.  What ensued was a clear sign that I would not be eating pau anytime soon.  I had soup.  I threw in some more flour, waited for it to come together, but alas it never did.  (For reference, this is supposed to be dough... like bread dough)

Lesson learned: Use the actual ingredients called for.  Buy a kitchen scale.
I tried!  And I'm sure with some adjustments I will have pau the next time.  Special thanks to David for providing me with the recipe and being my coach from afar! 
Stay tuned, friends.  This will happen.  


  1. Great that you tried...and in time, you'll get there!! Blessings Sarah!

  2. I think once you get it figured out you have to make some for everyone to try :)