Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Good Work, Holy Spirit.

Hey people! I'm writing from the wonderful Mrs. Soong's living room and am currently being serenaded by her granddaughters' piano lessons.  It is so great to have this family to come home to!  My living situation is such a good fit!  Mrs. Soong is probably in her 70's and rents the rooms upstairs to girls from Malaysia and to YAGM volunteers every year.  She is just precious and always has advice to help me in my transition.  For those of you who knew my Aunt Zela, she kind of reminds me of a Chinese Zela... kind of.  A good Mrs. Soong story happened this morning.  I told her last night that Peter would be picking me up for work around 7:45.  Once I got to my room to go to sleep, I had a message from Peter that he would be here around 8:45 instead.  So, I adjusted my alarm accordingly.  Well, this morning around 7:30, there was a faint knock at the door accompanied by a gentle yet persistent, "Sarah, Sarah, Sarah".  I went to my room door to find Mrs. Soong concerned that I had overslept and was going to miss my first day.  Unfortunately, Mrs. Soong didn't receive the same time change information I did.  So sweet of her to check on me though!  She has lots of advice.  Everything from not drinking cold water to how to properly open and close doors and how to stand against the wall to help my posture.  I think its safe to say I'll learn a lot this year!
Like I said, today was my first day of school at Yuk Yu kindergarten and work at Cheshire Home!

Yes, I did make Peter take a first day of school picture of me.  I got to the kindergarten and was greeted by the principal.  I was then introduced to Teacher Rita and my new class of 20 4-year-olds!!!  Y'all.  I can't even tell you how precious they are!!  Also, Sarah isn't the most natural word for people here to pronounce, so today I was introduced as "Sharah".  These kids can call me Sharah all day long, because they're adorable.  I was told of the upcoming concert (which we saw kids outside practicing their dancing for) and kindergarten graduation.  Seriously I may die of precious overload here.  More stories to come, I'm sure.
Then, I went to the Cheshire Home which is a residential care and vocational training center for adults who are differently abled.  On the tour, we got to the back building which not only houses their bakery classes, but will also be opening a nursery for children 4 and under to attend who have developmental or physical disabilities.  So basically, my two favorite things, children and baking, all in the same building.  I spent the afternoon mingling with the residents, showing off my lackluster Malay skills, and working on an English Assessment for the bakery students.  One of the residents, Chi-Chi (I'm not too sure of the spelling) had a car we were playing with much of the day.  At one point, she pointed at me and said, "kakak" which means sister in Malay.  I am more than happy to be Chi-Chi's sister this year, and to grow relationships both at Cheshire Home and the kindergarten. 
I really don't think my placement could be a better fit.  I have a nurturing grandmother and jobs that are exactly what brings me joy in life!  So, good work Holy Spirit.  I know that this placement is not at all by chance!
More to come soon, now it is dinner time with the Soong family! xoxo

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