Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Hakuna Matata

Hey there sweet friends!
There have been so many exciting life events since I last posted!  For starters, I graduated from PC!  This is a pretty momentous occasion for anyone, but I feel a special sense of accomplishment for doing it all in 4 years considering my numerous major changes and life plans over my time at PC.  As cliche as it is to say, these past 4 years really did fly by.  It seems like I was just moving into my luxurious attic room on Clinton 4th with my hall bath.  My time at PC has blessed me with such wonderful friendships and memories I am just so thankful for.  
Luckily, I didn't have much time to dwell on my sad and sentimental feelings I was experiencing leaving PC in my rear view mirror as I headed to Kenya the next morning.  Sure, the timing may not have seemed like an issue at the time I signed up for this trip, but I'm not going to lie I was slightly overwhelmed the weekend of graduation with all that was going on.  Sunday morning I flew off to Kenya with a group from PC.  In Kenya, we built a dining hall and church and worked with girls at a rescue center who have run away from early forced marriage.  The people we met and the experiences we had taught me a lot about myself and really opened my eyes to how others in this world live.  I was reminded of the privilege we come from as Americans and how that privilege can affect our perceptions of new situations.  I think the most wonderful thing to experience on this trip was the hospitality we received.  Each day when our group pulled up to the church site, almost immediately women began flocking to the church to begin cooking for us.  They worked so hard all week to make sure we were fed. Everywhere we went, we were taken in and watched over.  In church services we didn't always understand (but were so so beautiful even though I couldn't understand much) there were members of the church who would tell us what songs meant in English or point out where we were in the service.  Our drivers were always making sure we were safe, even accompanying us to the markets to make sure we weren't getting ripped off.  I tried to love on everyone I encountered while in Kenya, but at the same time I felt so much love from everyone I met.  I was encouraged to remember no matter where I go, as a part of the Body of Christ, I will always experience the love of Christ, being watched over and cared for by God's people.  
As we visited the girls rescue center, orphanages, and schools, I found myself wanting to come and live and work in all these places.  Luckily, in about 2 months, I will get to do just that- except in a different country!  While I still have not received my specific site assignment, I was almost relieved to be reminded of the excitement I felt having the desire to be in some of these places.  This trip was an absolutely amazing experience!  On top of all I learned and experienced in Kenya, I was assured of the experience that is to come.  I am confident that I will encounter God's love and hospitality all the way in Malaysia, and I am confident that my placement will be one that excites me just as much, if not more than, the places we visited in Kenya.  
So, to utilize the few Swahili words I picked up while in Kenya, Hakuna Matata! (Maybe I learned that from the Lion King...) No worries about the future.  If I have learned anything from the past, it is that God is present and working through it all, no need to be anxious! 

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