Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Senior Letters

So maybe I didn't keep up with my promises of telling yall all about my cooking and guitar adventures. If yall have learned anything about me, you know consistency isn't always my game.  I did love my break and made lots of yummy treats!  The guitar lessons have yet to happen, but I did get a gift certificate for Christmas so that I had no excuse not to learn to play.  Maybe over spring break.  Life so far this semester has been great!  My weekly schedule leaves a lot of availability in my hang out schedule so holler at your girl if you're ever in the greater Clinton area.

But the reason I decided to blog tonight wasn't to tell you about the loads of applications I've accumulated, or the schoolwork I have to do, or the excitement surrounding the start of Lent (kidding), but instead to tell yall about the surprise that came at chapter tonight.  Senior Letters happen every spring.  Parents of ADPi seniors write letters including funny stories, life lessons, and occasional rants about who knows what.  It is always so fun to hear parents brag on their daughters.  Tonight I didn't even know mine was being read from my parents, so that really caught me off guard.  After hearing the sweet, encouraging letter from my parents, I got up to hug my diamond family but was told there was something else.  My sister walked in to personally deliver and read a letter she wrote to me.  I was already teary from my parents' letter, but when Anna walked in the tears really came.  I just loved having her come down and getting to see her unexpectedly!  

It made me think back to writing her senior letter my sophomore year of college.  I sat in the middle of the library and wept as I wrote a letter that attempted to convey the admiration I had for her.  I told my friends that I for sure wasn't going to cry when I read it in chapter, maybe I'd get a little teary but for sure I wouldn't cry.  My emotions in the library should really have been an indication of what was to come.  I stood there in front of 115 pi pi's sobbing, shaking, and attempting to get the words out that were on my sheet of paper.  Tonight when other senior's letters were being read I thought to myself, "Yeah, I really don't think I'm going to cry when they read mine."  False, Sarah.  But being the emotional one that I tend to be, it shouldn't have been a surprise that hearing from the people I love most when an amazing chapter of my life is coming to a close and a new one is opening, that I would get a little/lot emotional. 

I am so thankful for the time I have had (and still have... it is NOT over yet) in ADPi and at PC, and I am equally if not more thankful I was able to share half of that time with my sister.  

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