Monday, December 10, 2012

Happy Christmas Break!

You know what I've never noticed?  How much earlier PC gets out than other schools.  I'm finished and have my final grades already while other fools are just starting their exams.  Its nice.  So now that I'm home and all finished with school work, I can relax until school starts again in January.  FALSE.  I'll tell you what.  This whole application thing is causing gray hairs and stomach ulcers, and lots of them.  I submitted my first application tonight.  Exciting, but what if I sounded stupid?  Or if I addressed the letter to the wrong person?  Or if I don't even want that job in the first place?  Seriously there are too many things to think about with all this.  And with me still not having a clear direction of where I'm heading, but instead approximately 3 directions, it doesn't help that my applications have as a result tripled.  I've never been good with decision making, and unfortunately decision time is drawing closer and closer, people.  Scary.
But, in an attempt to not drive myself crazy while I should be relaxing and preparing for next semester, I have a few things planned.  I will be fulfilling my goal of learning to play guitar over break by taking some lessons at Lexington's local music store.  It should be both entertaining and blogable to say the least.  Which reminds me I need to get my guitar strap monogrammed before my first lesson.
Aside from being musical, I get to cook and bake til the cows come home.  I'll be working my way through my Paula Deen cookbook making as many dinners and desserts as I have time for.  So there's plenty to check back for, people.  I promise not to bombard you with my job/school hunt stress too much.  I'll try to keep this whole thing upbeat.

Today I'm so thankful for my trip this weekend to the booming town of Dalton, GA to see one of my friends from school.  It was so wonderful to catch up and have so much fun with my wonderful friends!

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  1. SO glad you got to visit the Carpet Capital! Hope y'all had a great time!!