Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A few things.

Here's the low, pit, pow of my day:  I've grown an inch and a half in a year. While that may not seem like a lot, or not seem like a low, let me fill you in on why this is a big deal.  I was 5'8" last year.  That was plenty tall.  Honestly I could really go for about 5'6" because I could wear tall shoes and not tower over not only my friends but also a good number of boys.  At 5'8" I was having to watch myself because in the wrong setting in the wrong shoes I would look like a literal giant.  I wore flip flops to prom both years, and I always have to order extra length on dresses.  So my height was already an issue.  Now, at a lofty 5'9 1/2", it is just more obvious that I'm unusually tall.  I thought girls stopped growing in high school and boys kept growing in college.  Anyway, this has just really upset me today.  No wonder my legs have been hurting a lot in the past year... I was worried about blood clots, but no, Sarah's just growing again. 

And here's something else- I'm at the age where it is no longer socially acceptable to go to a pediatrician.  I visited my pediatric rheumatologist today for my next to last appointment with her.  The past two times I've been I've gotten comments such as, "are you the patient or the parent?" -the receptionist  and "I typically don't see twenty-somethings" -the resident.  Thank you.  I realize I'm old and I have every intention of transitioning out of my pediatric phase upon graduation from college.  I know there are people younger than me sitting in this waiting room with their children... believe me, I feel uncomfortable, too.  On the bright side, my doctor told me we could go out for drinks and to see movies or something when I'm not her patient anymore... that makes it better that I'm about to fly the pediatric coop, I guess.

Tomorrow I get to pick Lila up from the beauty shop.  She told me to "look pretty" so we can go to lunch.  Will do, Libby, will do.

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