Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Yall.  I saw on twitter about a week ago that Paula Deen was coming to Greenville.  If you know me at all, you know that my life goal is to be Paula Deen.  Seriously, she rocks and I love her.  And who wouldn't want to see this smiling face on TV?!  So naturally, I made a point to plan on going.  Despite my effort to get someone to go with me, I ended up by myself heading up the road this morning looking for this BiLo she was going to be at.  I had my cookbook in the front seat with me, ready for her to sign.  So I rolled up to BiLo and saw the big white tent and 18 wheelers and knew I was at the right place.  After finding a parking spot, I grabbed my cookbook and headed into the flock of middle-aged women and moms.  I wasn't too sure if I should chat it up with these people or if I should just stand there awkwardly, cookbook tightly in hand.  I chose the second.  Inside the tent was a stage and microphone.  We waited and waited.  Finally someone from BiLo came up and introduced her.  She was precious, as I expected.  However, I couldn't believe these crazies in the crowd.  They kept on hollering and interrupting her to ask her questions, which I know she was not looking to answer.  One lady said she got a $268 speeding ticket on the way up and asked Paula to sign it.  From someone who has gotten a speeding ticket, or two, or... anways, I know that you must have been doing something wild to get a ticket for that much.  Paula, being the precious woman she is, gave this lady the money to pay for her ticket!  So after Paula talking, and being interrupted, and talking some more, 15 minutes later she said she couldn't take any pictures or sign autographs.  With that, she was off the stage and into a car.  Still holding my cookbook, I sat there very weirded out by what just happened.  How was Paula going to recognize my gifts for Food Network if she didn't even stick around to meet me?!  So I walked back to my car, put my cookbook down, and went shopping.
The good news is that I saw Paula Deen in person!  I mean, it was definitely exciting, and she is every bit as precious as she is on TV.  The bad news is that I stood in the cold for awhile waiting to meet my hero only to be shut down.  And I skipped 2 classes.  Yikes.
Maybe one day I'll get to meet her.  I'll be on the lookout for that next opportunity.

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