Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Story of my college life.

Well hey there my people!  I'm writing this from PC's lovely library where if we can all have a flashback to my freshmen year, I lived.  Quite literally I spent every hour of my life in here and yet still somehow never quite managed to get it together as a biology major.  I spend a far less significant amount of time in here these days, specifically this year since leaving my townhouse is so hard since it is so cozy.  I've still somehow managed to pull my GPA up without sleeping in here anymore.  It's nice.  Anyway, this week is my first wave of tests and papers.  I will admit that I've been pretty available these past few weeks, doing a lot of baking and hanging.  Even though I KNEW this week was coming, I couldn't quite manage to be the proactive person I've never really been and work ahead so that this week would be a breeze.  I thrive on working til the last minute.  It's a problem, I know.
But, despite my large amounts of work I have accumulated, I still found it appropriate to update you all on my life.
This semester is rocking!  My classes, despite my procrastination, are wonderful.  My friends and I are having so much fun both here at PC and other places we decide to head to, like Nashville.  We, being the devoted football fans that we are, followed PC's team in hopes of being discovered when we weren't cheering our hose on.  Weird, that didn't happen.  In other news of Sarah's life, I have some--and by some I mean several--possible ideas on where I could be after graduation.  It's way fun but also way scary at the same time.  A good scary.  I've updated my resume and started an application to grad school.  I still feel like I'm good bit too young to be hired for real people jobs.
So there's my life up til now.  Nothing too new... literally nothing as far as my lack of motivation.  I guess it's time to get to writing, or make pumpkin chocolate chip bread.  Decisions...

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