Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Joy in Trying New Things

So this semester I needed an extra hour, so naturally I looked at what PE classes were being offered.  Pilates fit my schedule and I figured I could use a good stretch.  So I went to class the first day and right off the bat realized I was pretty much doomed.  I mean, when I learned I couldn't even sit up properly without the instructor propping me up, I could tell it would be a long semester.  I blame my height, I always blame my height.  It's just more weight than everyone else has to deal with.  Today we had to do a side plank and then dive down under our stomach.  I was shockingly one of the few struggling.  I don't really get why no one else is having as hard of a time as I am.  I guess I'm always sore after so that's a good thing.  And at the end of this thing I should have the body of a goddess.  Probably.
On a slightly different note, no pun intended, I bought a guitar this summer.  Every summer at camp, I've looked for a way to build my street cred, and this summer it was time for me to learn to play guitar. Now, I figured the best way to make myself learn was to buy one, that way I spent the money and therefore would be obligated to learn.  So, after the sales pitch to my mom, including that playing a musical instrument helped prevent Alzheimer's, the purchase was made.  As the summer went on, my dedication went down for lots of reasons.  But, I brought my guitar back to school with me and pulled it out tonight for the first time in awhile.  After successfully tuning it, I realized I remembered approximately 1 chord... with the help of Google.  I still really want to learn to play, so I'll be working on that this semester along with all my other work.  I have lots of confidence that I will be so good in no time.  I mean, with my violin, and brief brief piano and cello days, surely this will be no problem!
So yay for this semester being a semester of new things!  At the end of it, I should be a smarter, more fit, musical diva.  That's the plan at least.

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