Monday, October 10, 2011

2 Posts in 1 Day!!

What is happening?! 2 posts in 1 night. I don't know what the world is coming to! However, it is time that I share something that happened approximately 1 week ago, and I now feel confident enough to share this with all 2 of you that read this. It is long and I apologize.

I had a realization that I have done nothing to help me get into nursing school, PA school, whatever I end up doing after graduation, since I've been in college. So, I figured I should renew my nursing assistant license. I went online, printed out the paperwork, sent it in, and had my registration verification card sent to my house since PC mail can be shotty sometimes. So I came home the Friday afternoon before to practice with my teachers from high school, and so that I was near by since I had to be there to take the written portion of the test at 7:30.
Well, I came home, went and practiced, and came home. At home, I found the verification card that had been sent to my house and was just checking to make sure everything was kosher and set for the next day. Well, looking over things, I saw I was signed up for the oral exam. Hunh... that's weird because I thought this was a written test. So, I went online and looked at the forms I had filled out

and sure enough, instead of checking written exam, I checked English oral exam... Hmmm. Tricky, because this is for those persons who cannot read. I- even though I may or may not break out in hives when pressured to read out loud in class-can read. So I called the number on my registration card and asked the kind lady on the phone if this was going to be an issue... you know, that I'm signed up as illiterate when I am in fact, literate. She assured me that I would be fine, that there would be headphones to put on, but I didn't have to. PERFECT!!
So the next day, I woke up, put my scrubs on, had 2 pencils ready to go. I got to the test, and sat at one of the many tables in the room. I went up to sign in, and explained to the woman that I had accidentally signed up for the wrong test (which in retrospect probably didn't help my case for my ability to read...). She questioned the legitimacy of everything I was saying and ordered me to the corner, where my oral test was set up. This consisted of an old school tape recorder and hugeeee head phones. It was super embarrassing... AND I was the only one signed up for the oral exam, so I didn't even have a friend.
So I took the test, which was fine because the headphones were really just optional... that is, until the end. I got to the last 10 questions and it was just something like:
1. A) closet
B) towel
C) chair
D) nurse
Confused, I asked the woman proctoring the test (this is after I raised my hand for awhile, but she didn't see me because I was in the corner, so I had to walk to the front of the room) what to do, and she barked, insisting she did not know because she had never seen the oral exam, and just to go put my headphones on and figure it out. So I did just that... and after clicking my tape player while holding the super heavy headphones on my head and disturbing just about everyone in the room with the clicking, I finally found the last 10 questions. The woman on the tape said a word 3 times and I had to identify that word... so she would say "chair, chair, chair" and I had to choose the word. Oh dear goodness! So embarrassing! With my head hung I turned in my test and fled the scene.

Good news: I passed the oral exam.
Bad news: I failed the skills exam, but that's a different, less entertaining story.
I have a feeling that once I pass everything and get my license back, its going to have a *, and at the bottom read *illiterate.

Peace and Love.

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