Thursday, September 8, 2011

Not helping.

Well, I'm a junior now. No longer do I get flustered when a wave of assignments comes my way (actually, that isn't true). But for purposes of this story, I know what's up here at PC. Yesterday, I seemed to run into all kinds of freshmen who are coming into the PC world as biology majors. It's like looking in a mirror 2 years ago. They were all freaking out because they have their first test this week... sucks! I didn't tell them that though! I tried to be encouraging, but my words of encouragement always somehow ended up with, "Oh! I was a biology major freshmen year!" This apparently wasn't as encouraging out loud as it was in my mind... their eyes got big and the next question always was, "Well why aren't you one anymore??!?!" Ok, so then I had to recover with things like, "Oh! I mean, you can do it!! I made it through freshmen year, and that's the hardest!!" Also NOT helping. And the thing is, this exact conversation happened like 5 times yesterday. Yikes! So I guess I should work on being more positive and censoring what I say to these poor freshmen...
I've decided to start a On This Day in Sarah's Freshmen Year. Because, if you remember, I had a blog freshmen year that I think was hilarious... you should check it out. So, On This Day (technically tomorrow) in Sarah's Freshmen Year...


"Oh! Its for people of all levels!"

I went home yesterday and spent the night! It was so great! I can't tell you how wonderful it was to be back home! But this morning came, and it was time for me to head back up to Clinton, both the dorm and the town. I strongly considered missing my 9:00, but I decided against it. So I got back to Clinton and went to my classes. But then some excitement came into my day. I was told, lured, call it what you want, into getting involved with club tennis here at PC. Let's just flash back quickly to my tennis days in like 4th-8th grade. I never got better. I was practically told this by my tennis teacher. So back to today... to quote some of my friends, "Oh don't worry! This is for people of all levels!" as well as, "Oh, I'm bad too." Ok, so those were all lies. I get to the tennis courts after reliving several rough flashbacks from my tennis days, and I see good people. Not just good people, but like ridiculously good people. Turns out, the girls that said they weren't really good, just said that as a ploy. They were numbers 1 and like 5 on their high school teams. So I "played" with all of them, which consisted of me running from the ball or hitting it over the fence. Needless to say there was no one on my level. I pitied the people who had to play with me. I don't know that I will be seen on the courts again anytime soon. Not unless I'm feeling unusually self confident one morning and need something to take me down some self esteem points.

So now I'm going to do some work. By the way, I'm still in my exercise clothes. I enjoy making people think I'm athletic, although the people who saw me on the tennis courts today know otherwise... and probably went to their rooms and laughed about it.
Ok. Peace out.