Monday, August 15, 2011

Back to Reality

It is time for me to head back into life as Hose. I had a WONDERFULLLL summer at camp again! Seriously, if it were at all possible for me to work as a camp counselor year round with the same wonderful people, I'd do it in an instant. However, I have duties calling my name back at school...
Such as one that is causing lots of mixed emotions... The role of being a pi chi. Let's be real. I HATED rush with all that was in me. Never have I ever been as mean to others as I was that week. It about killed me. Really. So, for others' sake as much as my own, I applied to be a pi chi this recruitment season. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the weird cult of a world that is greek life, pi chi's at PC are girls who disaffiliate from their sorority to help the freshmen girls go through rush. No one can know what you're in so that you can help girls without them feeling like you're judging them... or something like that. So, I applied in the spring. But, I didn't get the job. BUT by a miracle of Jesus, I got an email a few weeks ago telling me they needed more and asked me to be a pi chi for this fall. So I mean, I was super thrilled! I don't have to go to rush workshops! I don't have to participate in actual rush! Seriously fantastic! But of course it can't be that easy. Since rush isn't until the end of October, I have to follow lots and lots of rules until Bid Day. Rules such as... being with no more than 2 girls from my sorority at a time, not wearing adpi shirts, not having any adpi related items in my room at school. So that got me thinking... I literally have few to no friends who aren't in adpi at PC. This could be a huge problem since I can't really just hang out with anyone until October. Like, I'm imagining me sitting in a corner in the dining hall eating cereal by myself crying into my cereal bowl or something. I'm genuinely concerned. Not at all saying anything against the other people of PC, it just so happens that most of my friends are in my sorority. So we'll see how this goes. It could go one of 2 ways: 1. I could absolutely love this, make new friends, and just love life. or 2. Be way awkward working my way into other friend groups that clearly aren't mine and hating life until the end of October...
Let's hope for #1.

In the mean time, I'm just gathering all my things to move on Saturday! I can't believe it's junior year already! I'll try to keep this more updated this year... try being the key word!
Peace and Love.

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