Monday, May 23, 2011


Today was just full of overwhelming events.

Let's start with the trip to Bed, Bath, and Beyond. We walked in and were hollered at as if we had just entered Moe's. "Hi, welcome to Bed, Bath, and Beyond!!!!!!" Hearing this from the register that was not near by, I figured the girl was just a little perky... which I do not mind. But, literally, every little nook we walked by, someone would slink out and ask if we needed help, or a shopping cart, or more help. It was overwhelming and blowing my mind. After we had been approached by at least 7 people, almost all of them twice, I told Anna we had to get out of there.
So we then went to the mall. Forever 21 has just opened, which is very exciting! However, we walked in and were hit with shopping bag tossed at us from the peppy lad working the door. The store is just very overwhelming and should really be approached with that being the only stop for the day. I loved it, it was super cheap, I'm just saying... Tooooo much commotion!
Finally, we hit up Victoria's Secret. I know I usually hate on the awkward or in some cases overly confident men in there, but today I saw something that blew my mind to another level. There were 2 pals there, they were MAYBE 15. One of the girls was lingerie shopping!!! Like, I wanted to intervene and tell her that was a terrible thing to be doing at her age. I was so concerned for her well-being! That was just so concerning!
After all this had happened, we just had to peace. I was over this bizarre day of shopping!

On the positive side, I got almost everything I needed for camp, including a mirror with rhinestones. Special!
Counting down the days til I leave for a wonderful summer!
Peace and Love.