Thursday, April 28, 2011

Jesus Mary and Jerome!

Yall. I have found my all-time new favorite website. Seriously. This has changed my life.
So exam week is stressful. Like, I have contemplated running away several times this week, but WAIT! A precious precious friend showed this website to me. I was craughing (that's laughing so hard I cried, just FYI) uncontrollably in the library. These are auto-corrections made by the iphone, meaning you type one word, and the phone changes it automatically for you. So many of them are so inappropriate, but they are SO funny! Please, take a minute or several hours like I have to look at these.

Also, if you love the elderly and hip hop, there is a place where those 2 loves can be combined. That is, this video:
No explanation needed.

These 2 things have brought me so much joy this week, it's ridiculous. You're welcome.
Happy examing!
Peace and Love.

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