Sunday, March 20, 2011

March Madness

If there is one thing I willingly admit is a weakness of mine, it is sports knowledge as well as just caring about athletic events in general.
However, with the month of March has come a golden opportunity in my life: predicting the future of college basketball. I decided to fill out a bracket for this ridiculous amount of basketball games, and I must say that my bracket is doing so well!
This is serious business. I'm finding myself very invested in these games, doing as much as watching basketball out of my own free will, and cheering for teams! This is so unlike me!
What I have found myself loving the most, is whipping out random knowledge about the tournament, or even just throwing out who I have to win. It catches people off guard, and I like it.
So, to close this post, I'll just say that presently I am watching one game and constantly checking the scores of two others. This is weird.
Go Kansas!!!
Peace and love.

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