Thursday, February 17, 2011

Raw Chicken and a Belated Valentine's Rant

I'll start with the raw chicken so I can end on a less gross note.
So today I went to Springs for lunch so I could get me some delicious chicken fingers! I was so thrilled! I sat down and dipped the finger in some honey mustard, took a bite, tore it in half to eat some more, noticing it was especially flimsy. So I took off the breading and saw that it was a straight up raw chicken finger. EWWWWWW!!!! I about vomited right there! Seriously, I don't know what the incubation period is for salmonella, but I think it may be festering inside me right now.

To change the subject,
"Happy Valentine's Day!!"
For the record, that right there is all that needs to be said to one another on facebook. As most of you know, I hate 2 things:
1. Men in Victoria's Secret
2. Facebook PDA.
Well, this Valentine's season created reason for those 2 pet peeves of mine to be violated.
I am so happy for everyone who is so in love with their valentine. Really, I think it is GREAT! However, I have a problem with it when that love oozes into my minifeed. I saw one too many "I love you baby, my precious Valentine!!" or "Can't wait to spend this Valentine's with the most wonderful boy in the world!"
Seriously, things like that make me about as nauseous as those chicken fingers I had for lunch.

I really do love Valentine's Day though, and I had a lovely one this year!!
Hope everyone's weekend is filled with lots of love and no raw chicken!
Peace and love.

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