Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Mexico!!

Alright. So I’m typing this mid-air…. On Word since you have to pay $4000 to use internet on the plane. So I’ll post once I’m back on land. I am bound for New Mexico!! After one flight from Charlotte to Minneapolis, we are now on the second flight to Albuquerque. Here’s a run down of the day so far:

The first flight started off beautifully! They serve a drink and snack in like the first 10 minutes of the flight. So I got all excited about a coke and some peanuts. Well. I set my coke down on the fold down tray and 2 seconds later it was all over my lap. Yeah. So I rode for 2 hours with incredibly wet pants. Fun! We then landed in Minneapolis! I just HAD to sing the Minnesota fight song I learned in 4th grade to help me learn how to spell Minnesota for the hour-long duration of our stay at the airport… I mean, when will it ever be that appropriate for me to be singing that song again?!

So then we hopped back on the plane after an incredibly pricy lunch. The plane started up and was moving a little and all of a sudden a lot of smoke/gas came out of the bottom of the plane. I mean, yeah I was freaking out internally. But then this woman behind me leans her head in between my seat and goes, “Ummm, is that normal?!” Because apparently I look like someone who can give an accurate plane related answer! But no worries, we’re mid-air now and I can say with some confidence that our plane is just fine!

There is also a small yapping dog on board… Good times!

That’s all for now! Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Peace and Love.

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