Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Barnyard

I babysit a professor's daughter who LOVES to go to the farm across the street. I was a little grossed out by the smell and the animals at first, but I've found myself growing more and more fond of the animals...
That is until today.

I was rocking a precious outfit. I seldom dress up for class, but today I was feeling great so I decided to put on a new top I got when I went shopping the other day. My hair was done, I was looking put together. It was a little chilly today, so I thought surely we wouldn't be going to the farm. False. I wasn't going to be a diva, so I took the little one to the farm. I was trying to keep a safe distance away from the smell and the random piles of poop, and I was doing a great job...
That is until I was sneezed/vomited on by a horse. That's right. Forget what I was wearing for a moment... I was covered in horse spit and food remnants. In my nicely done hair, and yes... on my NEW shirt. I tried to laugh, but I was crying and throwing up on the inside!! So I quickly ran to my car and whipped open some toilet paper I hadn't taken to my room yet to try and clean the sick nastiness off me. After pulling myself together and almost bathing in hand sanitizer, I retuned to the barnyard and observed those animals from a distance. They looked precious, but I knew. They were just waiting until someone got close enough...

Lessons learned today:
Never dress up for a farm visit.
Never stand near an eating horse.

Peace and Love.