Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Barnyard

I babysit a professor's daughter who LOVES to go to the farm across the street. I was a little grossed out by the smell and the animals at first, but I've found myself growing more and more fond of the animals...
That is until today.

I was rocking a precious outfit. I seldom dress up for class, but today I was feeling great so I decided to put on a new top I got when I went shopping the other day. My hair was done, I was looking put together. It was a little chilly today, so I thought surely we wouldn't be going to the farm. False. I wasn't going to be a diva, so I took the little one to the farm. I was trying to keep a safe distance away from the smell and the random piles of poop, and I was doing a great job...
That is until I was sneezed/vomited on by a horse. That's right. Forget what I was wearing for a moment... I was covered in horse spit and food remnants. In my nicely done hair, and yes... on my NEW shirt. I tried to laugh, but I was crying and throwing up on the inside!! So I quickly ran to my car and whipped open some toilet paper I hadn't taken to my room yet to try and clean the sick nastiness off me. After pulling myself together and almost bathing in hand sanitizer, I retuned to the barnyard and observed those animals from a distance. They looked precious, but I knew. They were just waiting until someone got close enough...

Lessons learned today:
Never dress up for a farm visit.
Never stand near an eating horse.

Peace and Love.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Come on Spring Break!!!!

This week couldn't be going any slower! I thought it was Wednesday for a good part of the day. Nope. Only Tuesday.
So I'm finding myself in the library a lot here lately. It's like a flashback to last year! I'm in the process of writing a philosophy paper as we speak. (Well... kind of.) Never have I ever felt so clueless in my life. Seriously, so many words are floating around that I don't have the slightest clue as to what they mean. I've used wikipedia more times tonight while reading this passage than I have in my whole life. Kudos to anyone who is a philosophy major. This here is not my cup of tea!
There are few, and I mean FEW times that I miss being a biology major. But being in philosophy makes me miss those days! Speaking of my many major changes, to anyone who is keeping track... I'm changing my mind YET AGAIN as to what I will be doing with my life. This time a major change isn't involved but I have simply changed career paths. My plan is now the following:
I'm going to nursing school. This isn't really a new idea, I've always had it at the back of my mind, and lately I've had a nagging feeling that it's something I need to revisit. After some tears (because, let's be real... I cry a lot when it comes to planning for the future) and meetings with my advisor, I've decided (for now at least) that this is something I'm cut out for! I'm not cut out to "teach Bible" or teach in a private Christian school... which by the way isn't at all what a Christian ed major does, those are just the absurd assumptions I shoot down when I tell people my major. I do think I'm cut out to do this whole nursing thing! For reals. So look out biology department... chemistry department, math department, and other departments I thought I was forever done with! You haven't seen the last of this girl! I'm coming back!

Until I can get into those classes, I'll have to try and make sense of this gibberish I'm reading, and pretend I know what it says enough to where I can write a paper.
T-3 days until a much needed break!
Peace and Love.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Raw Chicken and a Belated Valentine's Rant

I'll start with the raw chicken so I can end on a less gross note.
So today I went to Springs for lunch so I could get me some delicious chicken fingers! I was so thrilled! I sat down and dipped the finger in some honey mustard, took a bite, tore it in half to eat some more, noticing it was especially flimsy. So I took off the breading and saw that it was a straight up raw chicken finger. EWWWWWW!!!! I about vomited right there! Seriously, I don't know what the incubation period is for salmonella, but I think it may be festering inside me right now.

To change the subject,
"Happy Valentine's Day!!"
For the record, that right there is all that needs to be said to one another on facebook. As most of you know, I hate 2 things:
1. Men in Victoria's Secret
2. Facebook PDA.
Well, this Valentine's season created reason for those 2 pet peeves of mine to be violated.
I am so happy for everyone who is so in love with their valentine. Really, I think it is GREAT! However, I have a problem with it when that love oozes into my minifeed. I saw one too many "I love you baby, my precious Valentine!!" or "Can't wait to spend this Valentine's with the most wonderful boy in the world!"
Seriously, things like that make me about as nauseous as those chicken fingers I had for lunch.

I really do love Valentine's Day though, and I had a lovely one this year!!
Hope everyone's weekend is filled with lots of love and no raw chicken!
Peace and love.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Mexico!!

Alright. So I’m typing this mid-air…. On Word since you have to pay $4000 to use internet on the plane. So I’ll post once I’m back on land. I am bound for New Mexico!! After one flight from Charlotte to Minneapolis, we are now on the second flight to Albuquerque. Here’s a run down of the day so far:

The first flight started off beautifully! They serve a drink and snack in like the first 10 minutes of the flight. So I got all excited about a coke and some peanuts. Well. I set my coke down on the fold down tray and 2 seconds later it was all over my lap. Yeah. So I rode for 2 hours with incredibly wet pants. Fun! We then landed in Minneapolis! I just HAD to sing the Minnesota fight song I learned in 4th grade to help me learn how to spell Minnesota for the hour-long duration of our stay at the airport… I mean, when will it ever be that appropriate for me to be singing that song again?!

So then we hopped back on the plane after an incredibly pricy lunch. The plane started up and was moving a little and all of a sudden a lot of smoke/gas came out of the bottom of the plane. I mean, yeah I was freaking out internally. But then this woman behind me leans her head in between my seat and goes, “Ummm, is that normal?!” Because apparently I look like someone who can give an accurate plane related answer! But no worries, we’re mid-air now and I can say with some confidence that our plane is just fine!

There is also a small yapping dog on board… Good times!

That’s all for now! Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Peace and Love.