Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Melt Already!!

I managed to survive all of last semester without a calculator, and I made an A in math. I'm pretty proud of that fun fact.

Here's another fun piece of knowledge... I have managed to survive this blizzard/ice storm without gloves. Yes, my paws have been frozen to little pieces, but I've seemed to manage ok... until today. It has become more and more urgent that I get to the bookstore ASAP to get my books for the semester. Seeing as how these roads have been just terrible lately, a trip downtown has been out of the question. Today however, with classes finally starting back and roads seemingly clear, I decided I would travel only a few blocks away to the bookstore. After ice skating to my car, I found that my car was coated in snow and ice... perfect!! Don't worry, I had a ice scraper thingy in my trunk... but wait. My trunk was frozen shut. Lovely!! I tried for about a second to scrape my windshield off by hand, but that was a terrible idea! I was about to give up when I spotted in my back seat the bag my healthy PC exam care package came in from the fam. It's one of those drawstring book bag things. And I thought I'd never use it!! I threw that over my fist and went to town on my windshield. Never mind the fact that my hand was completely numb due to not having gloves, or that as ice chards fell from my car, several managed to hit me in the feet (which wouldn't be a big deal at all if I weren't wearing knit uggs today). I got my car in driving condition and that's all that matters! I was pretty proud of my weather savvy self! And by the time I actually got to the bookstore, I had regained almost all feeling in my hand! While gloves would have helped immensely in this situation, I'm pretty proud of myself for making it through this crazy weather without them... just like I'm proud of myself for making it through math without a calculator.

Hope everyone isn't going completely crazy being snowed in! I never thought I'd say this, but THANK GOODNESS classes have started back again! I've been in one weird mood these past few days!
Enjoy the snow that's left!
Peace and Love.

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