Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Just to prepare you...

Anna Derrick: The girl topping the list of people on my bad side right now.
Tonight we took several options for our Christmas card picture. Anna took it upon herself to upload the pictures and make the Christmas card. Now Anna, being the selfish girl she is, only looked at herself in the pictures.... not the girl standing next to her, aka ME. So Anna chose the picture and went ahead and placed the order without my knowledge. This is the picture she chose.
Can't see the problem with it? Let's zoom in, shall we...
I look scared. OR like I have my fake pageant smile plastered on my face. This is SERIOUS!!!!!! This goes out to people who hardly know me once a year. I DON'T want them thinking I'm a stank faced girl with no personality. And that's what this picture screams about me. Not Anna though. Nope. She's cheesing away next to me.
Don't even GET me started on whose side my mom took in this debate!!! Of COURSE she took Anna's... the girl who looks the most like her. The most loved. I am NOT happy right now.

Therefore, using the picture I would have chosen...
Merry Christmas!!! From me. Only me. Not Anna.

1 comment:

  1. Now I really HAVE wet my panties!!!
    Sarah, you can come live with ME.
    I will let YOU choose your card next year!!!