Tuesday, December 7, 2010


"Who told me this would be awful?

Can I just say that I am thoroughly enjoying exam week! Is that weird? I am seriously having such a good time! Sure, the studying is kind of unfortunate, but just this week has been amazing! I mean, we don't have classes, so its not like we are at a loss for time to get everything done. I got a pretty sweet care package compliments of the fam. Breakfast is being served nightly in GDH at 11:00. Seriously. Fun!
Let's see. Apparently there was a tornado, or something very similar last night. Who knew?! I slept right through the windy, stormy conditions.
I know that was short, but I just thought I'd let everyone know that I am by no means suffering this week!
Lots of Love!"

That there was a nice excerpt from the blog this time last year. I was loving life exam week last year! I don't understand why though. This exam week has proven to me that I don't handle stress well! I go from being overly concerned about all I have to do, to talking myself out of being worried about it. It has been a very draining few days, AND I haven't even had my first exam yet! Lord have mercy! Let's all just hope I make it through! I completely understand why everyone was freaking out this time last year, and I honestly don't know why I wasn't. This is a first that I'm not enjoying. I cannot wait to be home in 3 days!!!!!!
Peace and Love.

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  1. Hang in there, girlfriend!!!
    Want to gather up the fav cousins and meet for dinner during the holidays?