Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Say Yes to the Friends

Somehow I've had a lull in my workload the past 2 weeks! I think I'm still used to last year when I spent every night in the library, usually until midnight, often later.
So with all this free time I've found myself with lately, I've been able to catch up on 2 of my favorite shows: Say Yes to the Dress and Friends!!

Say Yes to the Dress. It makes me want to pursue a career in the wedding industry! I loveeee wedding dresses! Maybe this is just a glimmer of my pageant days still shining through? Also remnants of my pageant days, I feel like I'm good at judging-for lack of a better word- how things look on others! So obviously I'd be great working in the wedding dress industry!! Although, I feel like if I worked somewhere like Kleinfeld, I'd spend the whole day trying on wedding dresses myself and not really helping too may brides to be...

Friends. THE best show ever created! My friends and I have seriously been watching this show non-stop for days!! This time last week we were on season 2; today, we are on season 6. My guess is we will have completed the series by next weekend.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week and finds themselves with as much free time as I'm finding myself with!
Peace and Love.

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