Monday, October 4, 2010

It's better than Christmas!!!

Bid day: THE most exciting day of the year. Topping Christmas, Easter, 4th of July, and even my birthday, bid day takes the prize for the best day of the year! Last year, I went through rush myself, received a bid from ADPi, and ran down the stairs of Neville to my new family! I didn't think that day could be topped! Running to a huge group while everyone's cheering for you.... it ROCKS!
So this year, I wasn't sure that my excitement could be matched from last year. Plus, after going through formal recruitment, aka the worst mood I've ever been in, I was more than ready for the week of all things rush to be over. Well. Bid day morning came. I got up, went to Yonce to gather with everyone before we went to Neville to welcome our new members and saw the theme of bid day, as put together by my big sister Kate Colwill... Just did it. That's right! Nike, neon, sweat bands, knee socks... best. theme. ever. So we got all geared up, sang some songs, practiced our winning entrance, and headed to Neville!
.... Side note. I've decided there should be a Broadway show entitled ADPi: The Musical. Seriously. Between rush, bid day, and other random events, ADPi can find any reason to break into song.
So we got to Neville and waited to welcome our wonderful new Alphas!
Bid day is hectic. In a good way of course. You don't know who's coming down the stairs next, so when you see the girl you're wanting to welcome running out, you push your way to the front. So I saw Kristen, my now little diamond sister, come out the doors and down the stairs! I ran to the front as fast as I could! Through singing, cheering, and pushing, I made it. I, along with my sister, Kate, and our lion of a mascot, was possibly more excited to get her than she was to run to us! This picture is pretty evident of that...

So once everyone is done running, we go to our bid day party!! That's when we find our who the newest addition to our diamond family is! So I found out that I officially gotten Kristen! Our diamond family is now complete again!

Another side note... The sweatband. Something that when I got it, a thought should have gone through my mind to style my hair accordingly so I wouldn't look ridiculous. Unfortunately, such thought did not cross my mind, and after looking back through bid day pictures, I appear to have a mullet. That sweatband was pressing down my half up half down hair in a very unflattering way.

So I think it is safe to say that my hesitations about bid day proved to be false. I had just as much, and probably more fun this year than I did last year! I got a precious new baby and a ballin pair of tube socks! Definitely 2 things I'm really excited about! More so the baby, but who doesn't love tube socks??

Peace and love.

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