Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I'm halfway done with my "sophomore" year.

So today I realized the classes being offered next semester are up on Bannerweb. So I looked to see what was being offered when, and came up with my ideal schedule. It's beautiful! My earliest class is at 10, sometimes 12. My classes occur between the hours of 10 and 1:30. It's the perfect semester. But of course, there's a catch. A brick wall lies between me and my perfect semester...
CEPs. The single thing holding me back from registering with my class next week. For those of you non-PCers, CEPs (Cultural Enrichment Programs) are as the title suggests, programs that make you more cultured. Lectures, performances... It's about the most boring way I can think to spend my 11:00 hour on Tuesdays. In order to be classified in the next year, you have to have 10 CEP's a year, specifically 5 lectures and 5 performances. So the problem here is this: last year, I racked up a total of 10, however I have 7 lectures and 3 performances. Meaning, Sarah doesn't get to be classified as a sophomore just yet. To which I say... ARE YOU SERIOUS?!? Since I'm not technically a sophomore, I do not get to register with my class. I have to wait a day and register with all the freshmen. So, all these prime classes I've scoped out could potentially be full by the time I register. I am a lot more bitter about this right now than I was when I found out my pickle of a situation at the end of last year!

I will celebrate on November 16, aka the day when I'll be caught up on CEP's and be classified as a sophomore. In the mean time, I'll be crossing fingers and toes that my freshmen status doesn't mess me up as I register for next semester!
Peace and love.

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