Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ohhh We're Halfway There!!

So I'm over halfway through my summer at Lutheridge! I can't believe it! It's going by so very fast!!
Last week I worked in First Camp which is for 1st and 2nd graders. A lot of them were spending their first week away from home! They were so very precious! I had one very homesick camper who ended up having to go home due to a broken foot. We were playing Screaming Eagles: Tournament of Champions aka the best camp game ever, and she fell and broke her little foot. Bless her heart! So my cabin of 5 went down to a cabin of 4 and we continued on! OH! Did I mention last week was 4th of July WEEK at camp?!? I probably didn't. As you may have realized from my last post, I LOVE 4th of July! So an entire weeks worth of celebration was right up my alley! We painted shirts, made patriotic snacks, and so many other festive activities! It was the best!
So this week I was on General Duty getting to do all the behind the scenes work of camp! Everything from setting and serving in the dining hall to playing games with campers to cleaning bathrooms! It was a lot of fun!
But this week was a half week for me because I'm road tripping along with Callie Neal to go to Ann Wilson's debutante party!!! Columbus, GA here we come!! On the way back home, we're stopping by Macon, GA to go back to our roots, our ADPi roots that is. Expect pictures documenting both the party and our ADPi pit stop!
Peace and Love.

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