Saturday, June 26, 2010

3 Weeks Down!!

So I'm home from Lutheridge for the week! I have successfully made it through 1 week of orientation and 3 weeks of camp! One month total! How crazy!? I'm loving camp!! I really didn't think I'd be this into it! So, a run down of my time so far:
The first week of camp, I was in Pioneer A with a cabin of precious little 5th grade divas! I think God has a marvelous sense of humor and decided to give me a taste of my own medicine with these high maintenance girls! At times, it was a little more than I could handle, and my patience was for sure put to the test, but I learned a lot from them! Those girls were crazy! I loved how one of them said she was "going to get a mani/pedi when she got home!" to which I thought, I didn't get "mai/pedis" until I was much older than 5th grade! Then, hearing them talk about their facebooks and cell phones!! What in the world?! Kids are growing up so fast! I feel so old saying that! I was more than happy to give them a taste of the outdoors!

The second week I was a counselor for a campfirmation cluster! For those of you non-Lutheran readers, campfirmation is a week of camp for kids who are going through confirmation. Confirmation is a fancy word for affirmation of baptism. Kids usually go through confirmation while they are in middle school. Campfirmation is a requirement by most churches in order to be confirmed. More questions on the confirmation thing? Feel free to ask! Ha! So my big concern with campfirmation was having girls who really didn't want to be there since it was a requirement not a choice. Also, I feel like middle schoolers are given a bad reputation. I'm so happy to say I LOVEDDD my middle school girls!! They were so great! All the crazy things I had heard about middle schoolers did not prove to be true! I had so much fun with them! And, I had a nice refresher on what all Lutherans believe! It was a fantastic week!

This past week, I worked with 4-6 year olds in Kindercamp which is an on-site day camp! Those kids were PRECIOUS! It was quite the switch going from middle schoolers who take instructions with ease and for the most part, do what you ask them to do, to little 4 year olds who have to be guided through every task! I sometimes felt like I was herding cats, but their preciousness made up for the sometimes frustrating moments! Their little voices are soo cute! And they say the funniest things! One little girl asked me why I wear the same shorts everyday (I wear nike shorts every single day)! She was 4. hahah Since Kindercamp is over at 1:00, our group was given other tasks to do in the afternoon! One day, I gathered kindling for the fire pits around camp! Yep. I like to think my knowledge of fire building improved by a lot that day!

So, I have fears that the people I work with think I'm very Pi-tastic, which I mean obviously I am, but I hope they don't judge me for that! Here's why I think this may be an issue:
1. I wear ADPi shirts a lot! Namely, because that's the majority of my tshirt collection!
2. I'm racking up on the ADPi related crafts in craft time! So far, I've made a lion out of a can, an ADPi keychain-ish thing, and melty bead girls wearing ADPi letter dresses, which will be used as magnets for mine and Blythe's refrigerator this year, ha!

So, this was a longggg post! But I've left out a lot, just so you don't get too bored! To summarize, I'm loving camp and loving experiencing God in new ways! I can't believe I'm almost half way done!! Please keep writing me letters! I loveee getting mail!
Sarah Derrick
2049 Upper Laurel Drive
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Peace and Love.

"And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age." Matthew 28:20