Sunday, May 23, 2010

Stop it. Stop it right now!!

Can I just voice how inappropriate it is to take boyfriends, significant others, probably even husbands into Victoria's Secret. Really. That whole thing needs to stop now!
Now, I just don't understand the appeal behind this. Why do you need your boyfriend to stand awkwardly while you shop for bras and underwear?? Is it to show off that you actually wear the stuff? Are you getting his opinion? Are you trying to raise your appeal? All this is ridiculous, and it just doesn't need to happen.
Today I had to make my way through several middle, high, and college-aged boys while shopping for some new underwear. I was in a room by myself, or so I thought and turned around to a pre-pubescent teenage boy posted up on the wall. Seriously? Not to mention the strange family of mother, father, and teenage son. Surely, the father and son could have found something better to do while mom shopped!
Girls. Leave your boy outside, or better yet, leave your undergarment shopping for another day!
Boys. Just say no. If it isn't for your own awkward sake, do it for me, because I can't stand running into you while I'm shopping!


  1. Couldn't have said it better myself

  2. I am going to need to go to VS soon to buy new panties myself 'cause you make me laugh so hard that I tinkle every time I read your posts and I am running out of panties!!! (Our house is in total turmoil as we are renovating the first floor of our house, including the laundry room!!!)
    When I do go to VS, I promise not to take Tom!!! tee hee!!