Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dinner and One step closer to being ready for camp!

So tonight I cooked dinner! I was on stumbleupon last night and came across some recipes I wanted to try... so. Here's what I made:
Spicy Honey Chicken Seriously delicious!!
Garlic-Rosemary Potatoes Again, SO good!
Asparagus... I don't have a link to this recipe haha
and then for dessert! I made a pie compliments of Paula Dean! It was soooo good!!
So I would strongly encourage anyone to try these recipes! It greatly made up for the slick cake I made the other day, that's for sure!!

Then. The highlight of my day!! As previously mentioned, I have purchased chacos. However, I've been looking to get them monogramed for awhile now... Today Aunt Ann was able to get them on her machine and make my chacos pretty!! No more mandals for this girl!
Now this picture is a weird angle, I don't think it's too flattering of my leg/ankle. Oh well.
Precious, right? Yes. Anyone who wants theirs monogramed as well can consult Aunt Ann!

That's it for tonight!
Peace and Love!

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