Saturday, May 22, 2010

Abandon Tent!!!

Here's a sign of some great things to come...
So yesterday we celebrated Emily's graduation from high school early since we won't be here when she actually graduates. I'll be in the mountains, Anna will be in Florida. So. We thought to ourselves, "What does Emily enjoy?" The consensus: The Melting Pot and camping. We all love a good trip to The Melting Pot, and well, Emily is really the only one of the three of us who enjoys camping, but this was for her, not us. So she came over and we headed to dinner...
We were all still happy and pretty at this point.

When we came back from dinner, we decided the weather was permitting, so we headed up to the lake to camp for the night. I figured it was only appropriate to put on a bandana and make this as legit as possible. By the time we got to the lake, it was dark. So we commenced the tent set up in the dark. Emily, being the only one of us who knew anything about camping had no choice but to take charge. I tried to be useful, but it didn't really work...

... two hours later we FINALLY had a set up tent!!!!

We got everything set up inside and hunkered down for the night! About 20 minutes into this, I heard something outside. Let's be real, tents aren't really going to protect you from anything. So I brought this up to Anna and Emily. They shot me down, however about 5 minutes later we all sat up simultaneously. Emily suggested we abandon the tent. We all agreed. So we spent maybe 30 minutes in the tent that took us 2 hours to set up.

This morning, we had to go back up to the lake to take down the tent. It was wet. There were all kinds of bugs all over the place. Sick. I just wasn't feeling the outdoors! At all.

So is it safe to say this summer could prove to be much more interesting than originally thought? Yes.
Peace and Love.

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